Information for Suppliers and Contractors

CITIC Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd (CPM) is committed to conducting fair and equitable procurement processes with contractors and suppliers.

General enquiries

To enquire regarding opportunities to supply goods and services to the Sino Iron project, please email your company’s capability statement and corporate information to CPM’s Supply Department at:

Purchase orders

CPM requires that a purchase order is issued to a supplier before any commitment to purchase goods and / or services is made and before a supplier provides goods or commences any work.

Any goods and / or services supplied prior to the receipt of a CPM purchase order, or in excess of the value indicated on a purchase order, will be at the supplier's own risk.

When CPM issues a purchase order to a supplier, it will state on the purchase order whether the purchase order has been issued under the terms and conditions of a contract between the supplier and CPM, or is subject to CPM's Standard Purchase Order Terms & Conditions.


CPM Requires that  all freight delivered to and across all CPM operations and sites, adheres to standards detailed within CITIC Pacific Mining Packaging Standards Procedure.

The Packaging Standards procedure applies to all methods of transport whether they are contractors, third party, or Company and or Company sub contracted vehicles.  It applies to all personnel and contractors including all vendors and suppliers of any source of material that is to be transported, provided, used, stored within the CPM project and mine operations.  This includes those involved in securing of freight to a means of transport. 


Enquiries can be directed

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