Achievements and awards

CPM won the 2012 Australian Mining Prospect "Excellence in Environmental Management" Award for our workforce recreational management program, Leave No Trace.

In addition, we were a finalist in the 2012 Golden Gecko Awards and a highly commended finalist in the 2012 Department of Environment and Conservation Awards.

The Sino Iron Project won the 2012 Energy efficiency council “Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project” Award for combined-cycle gas fired power station with 40 per cent less emissions than an conventional open-cycle power plant. This equates to saving approximately 440,000 t/Pa CO2e.


Our Leave No Trace program was established to educate CPM’s workforce regarding appropriate, responsible and safe recreational behaviour. CPM partnered with not for profit organisation Leave No Trace Australia for the program, which has been successful in building knowledge and awareness among employees and contractors on how to act responsibly during their recreational time. Results have included a reduction in the amount of litter, fishing incidents and altercations in nearby towns.

The Leave No Trace program was a finalist for the Department of Mines and Petroleum 2012 Golden Gecko Award for Environmental Excellence, Australian Mining Prospect Award, and for the Department of Environment and Conservation 2012 WA Environment Awards in the category “Corporate Business Leading by Example”. This program has helped CPM meet its objectives of engaging with employees and contractors on environmental responsibility, and driving improved environmental performance.

Our relationships with the regulators, community groups and populations, and nearby mine sites will help us to continue to develop and deliver this program across the region.


CPM’s 450 megawatt combined-cycle power station is the first of its kind in the Pilbara and was recognised by the Energy Efficiency Council as the “Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project” in 2012. There are many large, open-cycled gas turbine power stations in the Pilbara that have been constructed solely to supply mining sites.

Their focus is on short-term profitable investment to support mining revenues. In an open-cycle plant nearly half of the energy generated is lost as heat. The term combined cycle is used to describe the process where this lost energy is captured and used to heat water to generate steam power energy. Recovery and reuse of this heat through the steam process creates a more efficient power plant with reduced greenhouse emissions.

CPM’s power station is a 450 MW combined-cycle gas fired power station. It is approximately 40 per cent more efficient than an equivalent size open-cycle gas turbine power station. At full capacity it saves greenhouse gas emissions of 440,000t CO2-e per year. Given the number of open-cycle plants in the Pilbara and other locations, there is a massive potential to further reduce greenhouse emissions, as illustrated by CPM’s achievement in this area.

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