Building a new industry

CITIC Pacific Mining is spearheading the growth of a new industry in Australia through the large scale mining of magnetite iron ore.

Our project is making it possible to produce steel from resources in Australia that have been considered low value until now.

As opposed to hematite iron ore that is traditionally mined in Western Australia, the project will mine magnetite iron ore. Magnetite requires beneficiation before it can be exported for use in the steel making process and is a desirable and high quality product for steel mills.      

Process Comparison

Magnetite and Hematite differences

Quick Facts – Magnetite vs Hematite


  • Downstream processing of ore required to extract value
  • Ore gets crushed and grinded to enable extraction of Magnetite
  • Magnetite is transported in the form of slurry to the port
  • Slurry is dewatered to enable stockpiling and further transporting.


  • No processing required as crushed ore is exported
  • Ore gets crushed an screened to ensure appropriate size for exporting
  • Hematite gets transported in raw form by rail to the port
  • Raw ore fines and lumps stockpiled for further transporting.

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